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July 1, 2022

Legend Smokers was started by Frank Cox (aka. @smokerbuilder)  in October, 2021 on his way back from the American Royal BBQ Contest.

While at the contest he had many conversations about smokers with BBQ Store owners and PitMasters that all had one thing in common...

They were all saying that there are some great smokers out there that are available on the market, but the wait time is way too long! 

They said, "Someone needs to make a smoker that hits the right price point and can be delivered WAY faster!"

So, Legend Smokers' mission is to build the best quality offset smoker with the shortest wait time in the stick burner industry.

Frank has been building and designing smokers since 2007 and has spent more than a decade perfecting his designs. 

His background in the design and manufacturing of smokers and DIY smoker parts has helped to make the manufacturing process lean, fast, and reliable.

The Legend Smokers design takes into consideration dependable performance for the PitMaster, lean manufacturing processes, which result in short wait times.

Legendary Offset Smokers

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