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Legend Smokers

Log Warmer

Log Warmer

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The Legend Offset Smokers Log Warmer is perfect for stacking wood splits on top of your firebox to warm them up or dry them before throwing them on your fire!

You can also use it to warm pans of beans, vegetables, etc.

You can even set tortilla's directly on the plate to warm them!


The plate is made using heavy 7 gauge steel.

The dimensions are:  20 inches wide by 18 inches long and 5 inches tall.


The Legend 2400 Offset Smoker is constructed of Heavy Duty 7 Gauge Steel Plate.

7 Gauge is approx. 3/16 thick which is ever so slightly thinner than ¼ inch steel.

Shipping & Returns

Once your purchase is complete a member of our team will reach out to you by phone to complete the shipping arrangements and ensure we don't overlook any of the fine details of delivering your smoker fast and secure!

Be sure to select the best option for delivery. If you wish to use the commercial LTL delivery option but do not have a commercial address, don't worry!

We can usually ship to the closest freight depot and you can pick it up there!

We can set this up on the phone call.

You can also select the Residential Delivery option which includes LiftGate service to your driveway.

This product is Non-Returnable but it is covered by our No-Hassle warranty!

For more info on our warranty contact us


The Legend 2400 Offset Smoker's main cooking chamber dimensions are 24 inches tall by 24 inches deep and 48 inches wide.

This gives you a cooking surface of 22 inches deep by 47 inches wide.

The overal footprint of the smoker is 86 inches wide by 30 inches deep and 70 inches tall.

The smoker weighs 650 pounds.

The shipping size is slightly larger.

For shipping information contact us

Care Instructions

Your Legend 2400 Offset Smoker will be super easy to maintain!

The first fire and initial seasoning are the most important part.

Here's what to do:

First Time Seasoning:

• Before you season your smoker for the first time rinse it out with water then put on some gloves and wipe it dry with disposable towels.

• You can optionally line the bottom inside of the cooking chamber with some foil as long as the throat opening is not obstructed and the drain is not covered up. Poke a hole in the foil over the drain pipe.

•Next build a fire and light your smoker. Start with approximately 1.5 pounds of charcoal. We recommend using a Charcoal starter chimney and letting the charcoal fully light before dumping it out on the log rack or in the charcoal basket. Once the charcoal is in place, add 2 wood splits that are approx. 2 inches diameter by 12 inches long.

• Let the smoker come up to around 250°F and while that is happening wipe down the entire inside of the main cooking chamber with some vegetable oil or spray it with cooking spray.

• Let the smoker run at that temperature for 1 hour. Maintain your fire by adding 1 or 2 splits every 30 minutes.

• Then cook something with some fat in it like some bacon, pork sausage, or etc.

Cleanup After Each Cook:

• Once your cook is complete and the smoker ois still hot, wear some high temp grilling gloves and use a grill brush to clean the inside of the cooking chamber.

• Remove the cooking grates and dispose of the optional foil and clean the bottom of the smoker.

• Reinstall the cooking grates and close the smoker door. Keep the fire running to maintain cooking temperature of 250°F.

• Rinse the inside of the cooking chamber with a light mist or small spray of water and let the water drain out into the bucket. Close the door and let the steam work it's magic, releasing the excess grease from the steel.

• Rinse and steam one more time.

• Finally once the water has evaporated completely and the cooking chamber is dry, let the fire die down. Close all your dampers to choke out the fire.

After 5 Cooking Sessions:

Your Legend 2400 Offset Smoker will have a thin coating of boiled linseed oil when you receive it. This coating protects your smoker better than high temp paint and is the easiest coating to maintain.

• As needed use some boiled linseed oil which you can get at any hardware store in the paint department, to wipe a thin coating on any surface that appears to be losing it's original coating.

• Simply apply a little bit to a lint free shop towel and wipe it on the surface as your fire is dying down.

• Repeat as necessary.

• If you see any surface rust appearing, simply wipe a little boiled linseed oil on the rust and it will dissappear!

If you have any questions about this process contact us

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